Are you tired of losing your bets because the game ended in a draw?

or are you tired of spending tons of money in soccer betting systems that just fail one after another?


   NEW VERSION 2.0 !        Updated for 2013-2014         NEW VERSION 2.0 !




You bet on the super favorite team but the game ended in a draw! How many times that happened to any of us? many, many times...  for majority of the bettors that could have been a surprise, for the sportsbooks most of the time it wasn't a surprise, odds are often falsely inflated to let people think that a team has great chances to win the game when that isn't necessarily true!

With the help of advanced algorithms based on neural networks this revolutionary software will predict soccer match results with great accuracy!

If you want to make a living at sports betting this will be an invaluable tool for you!



- All previous 3 separate algorithms have now been merged together in a
  single one, highly refined, to give you the best possible recommendations
  in a easier and faster way!

- Incredibly simple to use, great for newbies and powerful for professional bettors!
- 100% automatic , no need to enter any data!
- Uses Advanced neural networks with proprietary algorithms!
- Gives you the best recommendations for the day, Outright winner,
  Asian Handicap and Over/Under!
- Program updates daily by downloading worldwide soccer match cards
- Software automatically analyzes teams, players, trainers, leagues, weather
- Analyzes current soccer match odds!
- Learns from recent results and from database with 8 years of football
  statistical information!
- Tons of variables are analyzed in just a few minutes !
- Enter the world of professional sports handicapping with this powerful software!


Don't bet only on soccer teams that 'everyone' knows, there are LOT'S OF HIGHLY PROFITABLE opportunities at sportsbooks everyday on less known leagues & divisions. Our software uses an amazing detailed soccer database with leagues and teams from all over the world! European Leagues, South American Leagues, and other worldwide leagues.

Matches involving 'less known' teams or matches in lower divisions have most of the time BETTER ODDS, and with the help of Soccer Match Predictor those teams will be studied in detail and interesting opportunities can be unveiled for you to bet and for you TO WIN!


A small and quick example of this:

You're browsing though the matches of a lower division, humm the league leaders are playing at home with a team that is in the middle table and that team has just lost their last game at home, odds to win for the home team are 1.30, wow, this bet should be a piece of cake! wrong !  that's what the sportsbooks want you to think... league leaders have their best scorer suspended by 2 games and their captain and best player a midfielder isn't playing today because he's injured, the away time has a new and well known coach, and... this vital information was just being missed by you! 

Soccer Match Predictor analyzes in detail each team, player, trainer, their past and recent performances, injured players, previous games between same teams, etc.


NeuralBet team took months to build one of the most advanced, detailed, optimized and complete soccer database in the world!  Over 100 leagues supported!


Please note that Soccer Match Predictor doesn't support international, cup or FiFa matches (Champions league, League Europe, Domestic/World cups)

Soccer Match Predictor is used by some of the best tipsters!

We've finally released this amazing software to the public at an affordable price!

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Patrick M. - Liverpool, UK


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Jean W. - -Lyon, France

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