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NEURALBET has developed revolutionary software products for all sports bettors:

The sports predictor series !

Each software product takes advantage from the power of Neural Networks to predict sport events outcomes!

Our software packages are carefully designed for a specific sport type! Generic solutions aren't the answer!                             

Each sport is unique with different range of variables to analyze so a specific solution for each sport is the right way to go!

Each software package contains the most advanced algorithms based on highly optimized neural networks which learns efficiently from past results and quick train themselves to calculate top-quality predictions!

Don't be fooled by thinking that our sports predictor series are too simple to use to be worth it. Our software packages do advanced calculations in background!

We had 2 goals for sports predictor series:

Simplicity to use and Sucess rate!


Our Guarantee

Our software packages aren't intend to be another get rich quick scheme, market is flooded with the so called amazing betting system ebooks who claims to give $50,000+ per month etc, most of them are pure scams! if they were really true the owners won't be selling them to you in first place, and even if they were true they won't be selling it for just $20 or $50! just think about that!
And please don't buy the "i'm selling my system because of the betting limits story', betting exchangers like betfair or betdaq DON'T close accounts because user is winning too much, and apart of that there's dozen of online bookmakers
on the internet! even if one bookmaker close an account there's dozen of others
to choose from!  again, think about that!

        NeuralBet is NOT associated in any way with any sportsbook !
We DON'T want to earn from player losses! We want to earn from satisfied and happy customers who then recommend our softwares to their friends, family, collages, WORD OF MOUTH is one of the most powerful marketing tools!
We don't recommend any sportsbook in particular, there are many good sportsbooks out there, just search carefully through the internet and visit sportsbook review sites before making your final decision.

NeuralBet took 2 years in careful research and development of the Sports
Predictor series. All sports bettors now have stable and profitable software
tools at their disposal!

Download the Trial Versions and see by yourself!

Do you have questions regarding our products? Please contact us ,our friendly support team is here to help you and also hear suggestions you may have.